What is the typical range of operating pressures for high-pressure spray guns?

Nov 27,2023 / BY DEVELOPERS
The typical operating pressure range for high-pressure spray guns can vary depending on the specific type of spray gun, the application, and the characteristics of the coating material being used. However, high-pressure spray guns are generally designed to operate within a range that allows for effective atomization and application of coatings. Here are some general guidelines for the operating pressure range of high-pressure spray guns:
Airless Spray Guns:
Airless spray guns are designed to operate at higher pressures compared to conventional air spray guns. The typical operating pressure for airless spray guns can range from 1,000 to 3,000 pounds per square inch (psi) or even higher. Some industrial airless spray guns may operate at pressures exceeding 5,000 psi.
Air-Assisted Airless Spray Guns:
Air-assisted airless spray guns combine high-pressure airless technology with the addition of compressed air to improve atomization. The operating pressure for air-assisted airless spray guns typically falls within the range of 500 to 2,500 psi.
High-Pressure Air Spray Guns:
High-pressure air spray guns, which use compressed air to atomize the coating material, may operate at pressures ranging from 30 to 100 psi. While the term "high-pressure" is relative, these spray guns are considered high-pressure in comparison to low-pressure or conventional air spray guns.
It's important to note that the operating pressure for a specific high-pressure spray gun should be determined based on the manufacturer's recommendations, the viscosity of the coating material, and the desired spray pattern. The optimal pressure setting may also depend on factors such as the type of nozzle or tip being used, the distance from the surface, and the requirements of the coating application.
Operators should consult the technical documentation provided by the spray gun manufacturer, which typically includes recommended operating pressure ranges and guidelines for specific applications. Additionally, coating material suppliers may provide recommendations regarding the pressure settings for their products to achieve optimal results.
Proper adjustment of the operating pressure is essential for achieving efficient atomization, consistent coverage, and the desired finish while minimizing issues such as overspray or insufficient material transfer. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and safety precautions when operating high-pressure spray guns to ensure effective and safe application processes.