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Since its establishment in 2004, Ningbo Datian has been professional China Two-component external mixing spray gun manufacturers and Two-component external mixing spray gun factory. It is prohibited to change the product materials and process in order to reduce the production cost and the selling price. It is only for making a good product. Ningbo Datian has a complete product system after many years of operation. And has a strong R& D team, welcome to provide new products and new requirements, our engineer team will provide the reliable product. In order to ensure the quality of our products, each of our products through a number of strict quality inspection test, to ensure that each of the products can pass the leak test, each of the products in good working order. In order to improve the quality of products, we have been making unremitting efforts.


Knowledge extension of the industry:
A Two-component external mixing spray gun is a specialized tool used to apply two-component (also known as 2K or 2-part) adhesives, resins, or coatings. These materials typically consist of two separate components that need to be mixed together immediately before they are applied. The Two-component external mixing spray gun allows the user to mix the two components together as they are being sprayed, without having to use any additional equipment.
The Two-component external mixing spray gun typically has two separate chambers within the gun body, one for each component. The gun uses a special mixing nozzle, which creates a homogeneous mixture of the two components as they are expelled through the nozzle, and atomize the spray pattern of the product. Some external mixing guns are pneumatic, others are electrostatic and/or airless.
Two-component external mixing spray guns are widely used in many industries, including construction, automotive, aerospace, marine, and industrial manufacturing. They are often used to apply high-performance adhesives, sealants, and coatings that require precise mixing and accurate application. These guns can be adjusted to the desired amount of mixing ratio, and some are equipped with a viscosity control feature that allows the user to adjust the flow rate of each component to suit the specific application.
It's important to note that two-component external mixing spray guns can be quite complex and require proper handling, maintenance, and cleaning. Following the Two-component external mixing spray gun Manufacturers instructions and safety precautions is highly recommended.

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