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Since its establishment in 2004, Ningbo Datian has been professional China Accessories manufacturers and Accessories factory. It is prohibited to change the product materials and process in order to reduce the production cost and the selling price. It is only for making a good product. Ningbo Datian has a complete product system after many years of operation. And has a strong R& D team, welcome to provide new products and new requirements, our engineer team will provide the reliable product. In order to ensure the quality of our products, each of our products through a number of strict quality inspection test, to ensure that each of the products can pass the leak test, each of the products in good working order. In order to improve the quality of products, we have been making unremitting efforts.


Knowledge extension of the industry:
Contact Accessories Spray Guns are tools used to apply contact adhesives, which are types of adhesives that bond two surfaces together when they are pressed together after the adhesive has been applied. Contact adhesives are typically used in construction, woodworking, and manufacturing, as they create a strong bond that is resistant to heat, humidity, and other environmental factors.
Contact Accessories Spray Guns are designed to apply the adhesive evenly and consistently, which helps to ensure a strong bond between the two surfaces. They typically consist of a gun-shaped handle that contains a trigger for controlling the flow of adhesive, and a nozzle through which the adhesive is dispensed.
There are different types of contact adhesive spray guns available, including:
Air-powered spray guns, which use compressed air to propel the adhesive from the gun
Battery-operated spray guns, which use an electric motor to propel the adhesive
Manual spray guns, which rely on the user to manually pump the adhesive through the nozzle
The choice of spray gun will depend on the specific application and the volume of adhesive that needs to be applied. Air-powered spray guns are commonly used in industrial settings, while battery-operated and manual spray guns are more suitable for smaller jobs.
It's important to note that contact adhesive is different from traditional adhesive and it is a special type that requires special handling, and it should be used in well-ventilated areas because it is a flammable and toxic material.

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