What should be considered when using a spray gun?

Apr 20,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
The spray gun uses the physical principle of static electricity to atomize the paint into charged paint particles after spraying, so as to better adsorb the grounded workpiece and complete the high-quality painting effect. will be much higher. So what should we pay attention to when we use it? First, make sure that all the pipelines of the electrostatic spray gun are connected well before use (the ground wire on the electrostatic generator should be connected well); 2. Second, put the oil suction pipe of the oil pump into the prepared paint (the oil return pipe must be closed) Turn on the oil pump The air pressure can be adjusted to about 3Mpa; 3. Then open the ball valve of the white oil pipe of the electrostatic spray gun connected to the oil pump (after opening), now the paint is on the spray gun; 4. Then put the ball valve on the pressure regulator next to the electrostatic generator (Turn on) the air pressure to 6Mpa (if you feel that the air pressure of the spray gun is too high during the spraying process, you can use the blue button on the side of the spray gun to reduce it) 5. After turning on the oil and gas of the spray gun, install the nozzle of the spray gun Get up and adjust the atomization (make sure the atomization, oil volume, and air pressure of the spray gun are all adjusted); 6. Finally, turn on the power of the electrostatic generator (adjust the electrostatic to 60kv) and pull the trigger to see that the display is normal and it can be used normally.