What should I pay attention to when using a spray gun to repair spray technology?

Jun 17,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
The spray gun is held by a palm, thumb, pinky and ring. The middle and index fingers are used to pull the trigger. Some painters work for long periods of time, changing the way the gun is held from moment to moment. Sometimes they only use the thumb and palm and pinky, and sometimes, the ring finger is used to hold the gun. The middle and index fingers are used to pull the trigger. This relieves fatigue and improves labor efficiency.
2. The direction of the spray gun to the substrate surface. The gun should be perpendicular to the surface of the substrate, or as vertical as possible. If the gun is tilted a bit, the result will inevitably have the spray strip running to one side and the other side looking dry and thin, which is likely to result in a paint-like coating.
3. The distance from the paint spray gun to the substrate surface. For Siphon guns, the optimal working distance is 15~20cm. If the distance is too close, flow can occur, and when spraying metallic glitter or pearl paint, the color may not even be as expected. If the distance is too far. If it exceeds 20 cm, it can lead to dry spray and over spray, which will make the coating level taste. There may also be a possibility of color change if sprayed with metallic glitter paint. The pressure feed gun can be moved away from the substrate. Usually, the optimal distance is about 20~30cm. These are the basic principles that must be followed when spraying.
4. The moving speed of the Paint Guns. When spraying, the moving speed of the spray gun has a great influence on the effect of the paint. If the gun is moved too fast, the surface will appear dry, thin, poorly flat, and rough; if the gun is moved too slowly, the resulting coating will be too thick, which is very likely to cause sagging. The ideal speed of movement of the spray gun should be such that once spraying is finished, the new spray coating looks so plump and moist, neither dry, thin, barren, nor too bulky. In short, the moving speed of the gun should be determined according to the specific conditions of the construction site. Generally, just for relative comparison, pressure-fed guns move faster than other types of guns.
5. Trigger control. The gun is controlled by the trigger. The deeper the trigger, the greater the fluid flow rate. During conventional gun firing, the trigger is always pulled dead, not half pulled. To avoid buildup of spray paint at the end of each shot, experienced painters should loosen the trigger slightly to reduce the amount of paint supplied.