Spray gun knowledge: the function of the three air intake FAN, CYL and CAP of the automatic spray gun

Sep 14,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
We all know that automatic spray guns generally have two to three air inlets, and many people do not 
necessarily understand the function of each air inlet. Then there are CYL, CAP, FAN, and three air inlets commonly used in general-purpose automatic spray guns,
so what are their respective functions. CYL: Control the switch of the spray gun, control the gun needle to close through the solenoid valve, the oil
will be discharged when the air is ventilated, and the power will be closed. CAP: Atomization control, through the air pressure regulator to control the effect of atomization. When the
paint flow is larger, the atomization air pressure needs to be increased. FAN: Width adjustment is also a sector adjustment. Adjusting its size can change the size of the sector.
There is an adjustment knob on the spray gun, and there is also a remote pressure regulating valve to
adjust. We already know the basic function of each air inlet, but we also need to understand how to
adjust it.
First turn on CLY to adjust the air pressure in the range of 0.3Mpa-0.5Mpa to keep the air pressure stable. 
Then the air pressure of the CAP needs to be adjusted by the size of the existing flow until the spray gun
atomization is uniform and fine, and the atomization that comes out at this time is conical. Finally, adjust
the air pressure of the FAN to adjust to a suitable width. Of course, when we actually work in production, we also need to reasonably arrange the flow and air
pressure according to the spraying requirements of the current product.