Why does the paint flow gradually decrease when the automatic spray gun is spraying paint?

Sep 14,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
Why does the paint flow gradually decrease when the automatic spray gun sprays? This situation occurs in 
many scenes where automatic spraying equipment is used. Is the spray gun broken, or is the fuel supply
system out of fuel? In daily investigations, these two types are relatively rare.

The main reason is that we chose the wrong caliber of the spray gun. At this time, some friends will say,
what is the relationship between the spray gun's non-oil and the caliber, you are irrelevant. Don't worry,
listen to me slowly. Why did you choose the wrong gun caliber? In fact, most of us will have this situation is that we adjust the flow rate of the spray gun very small, so
that the gap between the needle and the nozzle of the spray gun is very close, and the force of the
piston spring is relatively large. If the air pressure is slightly weakened or the flow is divided, the needle
will return. Position, so that the spray gun is closed, just as the water can't flow out after the ball valve
is closed. So how to solve it? That is to change to a smaller caliber, because you adjust the flow knob in the spray
gun to obtain a smaller flow, but you can't keep it working within a limit with all tools. This will inevitably
not achieve good results. That's why The spray gun will come out in so many specifications. When you
need a small flow rate, you should choose a small-caliber spray gun. Therefore, choosing the right spray gun caliber also plays a key role in spraying. Therefore, in the process
of integrating with the equipment, we must fully understand the production process and specific effect
requirements, and then choose the best or best accessories according to the requirements.