How does the paint spray gun work with the pressure bucket?

Jul 07,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
Paint spray guns and pressure barrels are the most commonly used tools in the coating industry. To the air pump, it is also called the pneumatic pressure barrel. From the material we can be divided into plastic pressure barrels, stainless steel pressure barrels.
The most widely used paint spray gun should be in the furniture, automobile and other industries. It is a tool specially used for spray gun.
The pressure barrel can be divided into manual and automatic, the main function is to keep the paint in the barrel uniform. In the spraying operation, there will be no color difference due to paint precipitation. Of course, the pressure bucket is not limited to paint only, other spray materials can also be used.
The pressure bucket relies on the pressure of air pressure to press the paint into the paint spray gun. It has a good advantage that it can provide the delivery of liquids (including glue) regardless of the viscosity.
High pressure spray gun-527 can be used for spray paint, baking paint, shoe upper, wood paint, leather surface coating.