How is the daily maintenance and maintenance of the Contact glue spray gun carried out?

Jul 15,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
Regular cleaning and meticulous maintenance are the keys to keeping your spray gun in top condition at all times. Therefore, the spray gun must be thoroughly cleaned after each construction. It is recommended to use a professional spray gun cleaning kit for cleaning.
Contact glue spray gun needle, mouth and cap can be replaced individually, no need to buy a complete set.
NOTE: After using the gun for the day, be sure to carefully clean the needle, air cap, and outside of the nozzle, and flush the paint passages with thinner.
After cleaning the air cap, please install it on the spray gun immediately to protect the nozzle.
Periodically remove the nozzle for cleaning as needed.
Other parts of the spray gun should not be disassembled. If necessary, please professional and technical personnel for maintenance. When disassembling the three-piece set of needle, mouth and cap, strictly follow the disassembly sequence of the hood, needle and nozzle to avoid man-made damage, and disassemble according to the following steps.