How to determine the best spray gun for your job?

Jul 21,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
Contact adhesive spray gun - It's one of the best spray guns available today, it uses more low pressure paint volume and therefore reduces paint mist that can be caused by high pressure spray guns. Most industrial companies use this type of gun, especially the automotive and aerospace industries.
Air spray gun - It is the most common type of spray gun around most air spray gun manufacturers because you can control the amount of paint you can apply on any layer you want. Recommended for industrial use due to its efficiency and effectiveness with paint. One downside to using this traditional spray gun is that since it uses high pressure to release the paint, it creates paint mist, which can be a health risk if you inhale a lot of paint or come into contact with your eyes. Also, it keeps you from getting it done right, so it's not recommended for larger projects that require a high-quality finish.
Compliant Spray Gun - This type of sprayer uses two techniques for spraying, but its output performance is the HVLP transfer method. It improves efficiency because it has an air conditioner where you can adjust the amount of air. It produces high-quality finishes that are best suited for commercial and residential painting.