What are the benefits of using a paint gun?

Jul 27,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
The working principle of the spray gun is to spray with static electricity, so it will better adsorb the charged paint particles to the grounded workpiece, and also greatly improve the painting effect of the workpiece, so as to meet the high-quality painting. workpiece. In addition, ease of use is also a big advantage. The streamlined gun body design and precise adjustable spray knob can achieve the desired atomization effect at will.
In layman's terms, when spraying a workpiece with an ordinary spray gun, it needs to be sprayed two or three times to achieve the effect. When using a spray gun, you only need one spray to get the effect you want. Depending on the size of the workpiece and the type of coating, we have three nozzles to choose from to help you better achieve the finish you want. If you also have this demand, you may wish to know about Ningbo Datian Tools Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Datian has been a professional China pneumatic spray gun manufacturer and air spray gun factory since its establishment in 2004. Changes in product materials and processes to reduce production costs and selling prices are prohibited. Just to make a good product. After years of operation, Ningbo Datian has a complete product system. And with a strong R&D team, new products and new requirements are welcome, and our engineer team will provide reliable products. In order to ensure the quality of our products, each of our products has undergone a number of strict quality inspection tests to ensure that each product can pass the leak test and that each product is in good working condition. In order to improve product quality, we have been making unremitting efforts.