How to clean up paint spray gun after use?

Sep 01,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
After use, the paint spray gun and its accessories should be cleaned immediately. The main reason for the failure of the paint spray gun is the lack of maintenance and cleaning.
When cleaning the suction spray gun, paint spray gun manufacturers should first remove the paint tank and flow the paint straw into the cup. Then loosen the air cap 2-3 turns, cover the air cap with a folded rag, and pull the trigger. This allows the paint from the gun to flow back into the paint tank.
Note: The air pressure used should be low, do not do the above operation when the paint can is still on the gun, otherwise the paint will splash out of the can.
Re-tighten the air cap and pour the paint can back into the original large can. Clean the inside and lid of the cup with solvent and a thin-bristle brush, and wipe off any residue with a rag soaked in solvent. Then pour a little clean detergent into the cup, pull the trigger, spray the detergent out, and clean the feeding tube.
Then remove the air cap, soak it in thinner or solvent, and use a soft brush like a round-tipped toothbrush or broom to clean the clogged holes. Remember, these small holes should never be cleaned with something as sharp as a nail wire, as these holes are precision drilled. Clean the nozzle with a gun brush and solvent. Wipe the outside of the gun body clean with a rag soaked in thinner, taking care to wipe off all traces of paint.
NOTE: If the air spray gun is not cleaned immediately after use, the nozzle may become partially or completely blocked, causing the spray from the gun to split (spray dry paint fragments) or the spray pattern will be incorrect. This is especially true for enamels with additives. Because the enamel will harden on the inside of the gun if it is not cleaned immediately after use.

Feeding method:gravity type
Cup capacity:600ml
Air inlet connector:1/4"-19" BSP gas pipe connector (Japanese, European, American, and British quick connectors can be equipped)
Working pressure:2~3bar
Gun body color:gold, black