What are the Paint Gun Manufacturers and Market Trends?

Sep 08,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
Paint spray guns operate using a simple principle. They spray a coating material onto a surface by atomizing it into tiny droplets. There are different types of guns, depending on the type of material being sprayed. The nozzle is mounted on a moving holder, such as a robot, chain-on-edge machine, or reciprocator. When a user turns on the spray gun, the coating material is transferred through a hose into the spray gun, where it undergoes an atomization process that creates tiny droplets.
Amongst the many brands of paint spray guns, Graco stands out for its performance and versatility. It offers a wide range of air-assisted, airless, and electrostatic paint spray guns. These spray guns come in ergonomic handheld models, which make them easy to use. These paint guns are designed to provide a high-quality finish.
The pressure feed spray guns are commonly used in high-volume production and continuous painting lines. They feature stainless steel fluid paths and a gun with an adjustment knob. They are available at competitive rates. The high-performance spray guns offer high transfer efficiency of paint and are lightweight. The pressure feed spray gun also comes with a battery charger.
The Ningbo Datian is an ISO 9001:2015 certified distributor of construction and industrial tools and equipment. In addition to selling paint sprayers, they also provide installation, calibration, and repair services. The company serves many market segments, including construction, industrial, and residential painting. It offers many types of guns, including air-assisted and airless spray guns.
When you start spraying, make sure to test the air pressure of the paint spray gun. Increase it in five-pound increments and watch the droplets become uniform. If they are too large, you may have to increase the air pressure.

Caliber:0.5mm 0.8mm 1.0mm
Feeding method:gravity type
Cup capacity:100ml
Air inlet connector:1/4"-19" BSP gas pipe connector (Japanese, European, American, and British quick connectors can be equipped)
Working pressure:2bar
Gun body color:orange, blue