The paint spray gun cannot spray paint, what parts do I need to replace?

Aug 11,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
The paint spray gun does not produce paint, and the air is sprayed into the pot, which is caused by the accumulation of paint on the nozzle.
The working principle of the spray gun is to use the negative pressure of the jet to suck the paint to the discharge port, and mix it with the air flow in the jet chamber, and spray it out through the atomization guide of the paint nozzle. Once the nozzle is blocked and the compressed air is held in the jet chamber, it will be poured back into the paint tank from the discharge port.
Paint Guns Suppliers tell you the solution is as follows:
First, check whether the air supplement hole of the gun pot cover of the manual spray gun is blocked, or the air cap and suction pipe are seriously blocked, or there is no paint in the pot. You must take a closer look, and do not miss the problem of too small stroke of the thimble. Then you clean the air replenishment hole, air cap and suction tube on the lid, or replenish the paint, or rotate the paint flow adjustment knob to increase the stroke of the needle valve, which is basically fine.
Generally, there is no need to replace parts, because the thread of the gun nozzle is not sealed, and the air returns from the atomizing cap of the gun head to the unsealed thread into the oil passage. It is recommended that you follow the steps to eliminate the phenomenon of the gun shaking and jumping. First clean the spray gun, unscrew the atomizing cap of the gun head, then unscrew the gun nozzle, and wrap the threaded part of the gun nozzle with a raw material tape for 6 to 10 Ring, be careful not to block the oil passage, the thread must be very clean before wrapping the raw material tape. Then install the nozzle and tighten it until it is difficult to twist, and then install the gun cap to test spray. This should be resolved by now.
Take a close look at your manual spray gun to see if the thimble sealing nut is too tight, or if there is a foreign body inside the nozzle port, or if the nozzle and thimble are not matched or damaged, or if the thimble return spring is broken or not. Pack. There are many reasons. After understanding, loosen the thimble sealing nut, or clean the nozzle, or replace the nozzle set, or replace the thimble return spring or install the thimble return spring.
Supplement: Loosen the oil quantity knob first to help disassemble the nozzle.