Why is it important to choose Paint Guns?

May 12,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
It is very important to choose Paint Guns: 1. Save paint usage; 2. Environmental protection; 3. Light weight and ergonomic design for easy operation by operators; Risk of accidents in daily operations such as switches; 5. The number of accessories is small, which reduces operating costs, and the spray gun and the bracket are installed separately, which is easy to maintain.
Since there is no paint retention part, the cleaning performance is improved and the defective rate is reduced.
Fully compliant with international safety standards (EN.FM), the device consists of a built-in electrostatic high-voltage powder spray gun, a gas-electric controller, and a fluidized bed powder supply system. The device is designed and manufactured according to the development trend of advanced electrostatic spray gun technology. The main feature of this product is that the electrostatic high voltage is generated by a highly integrated high-voltage combination module built into the powder spray gun, which cancels the high-voltage cable used in the traditional high-voltage powder spray gun outside the gun, and uses low voltage (<24V) instead. ) cable connection, which has the advantages of less high voltage loss and more safety.
PNG-IIID built-in high-pressure powder spray gun adopts more advanced technology in electrification mechanism and atomization control, which basically overcomes the Faraday shielding effect, and the powder is uniform and soft. It has the ability to spray complex collection shape workpieces.
PNG-IIID type adopts large-capacity stainless steel powder supply barrel. The main components of the circuit and all the air circuit components are imported high-quality products, with superior performance and reliable quality. Appearance styling level.
In production, equipment manufacturers improve the powder coating rate of dead corners through the improvement of Paint Guns and the technical transformation of equipment. The powder coating rate in the dead corner of the workpiece seems to be a very simple problem, that is, the powder passing through the Paint Guns adheres to the concave surface of the complex bending workpiece, but it is very difficult to do this. In actual production, the shape of the workpiece is more complex, and multiple spray guns are required for spraying.
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