How to confirm the placement of the spray gun?

May 19,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
Compressed air enters at the rear of the gun body, and the liquid inlet is in the direction of the vertical gun body. In normal use, make sure that the liquid inlet is vertically upward (this can effectively ensure that the fan-shaped spray sprayed by the spray is horizontally upward);
The material of the air spray gun is 316S, which is resistant to high temperature friction. The head of the air spray gun is usually 2-5cm away from the furnace wall. When installing, you need to pay attention not to let the air spray gun head in the sintering part of the furnace, and it cannot extend into the furnace for too long!
In order to fix and protect the gun body and nozzle, the air spray gun is equipped with a protective sleeve. There is an on-off ball valve with protective gas on the protective sleeve. Usually, a small amount of compressed air can be opened to maintain the smoothness of the sleeve. To prevent coking and blockage, the spray gun cannot be drawn);
There are positioning screws on the air spray gun, which are used to determine the depth of the air spray gun extending into the furnace. The screws are kept tightened and cannot be moved at will!
The installation method of air spray gun can be set as flange and clamp. In order to keep the fan-shaped spray in the horizontal direction, adjust the urea or ammonia water inlet vertically upward and then tighten the clamp in time;
When the air spray gun is not in use, the quick release joint should be removed in time to remove the denitration spray gun to prevent the corrosion of the denitration spray gun by the residual temperature!
When the liquid pressure of the air spray gun exceeds the set value, it is necessary to take out the denitration spray gun, check whether the urea solution inlet of the nozzle and the mixer is blocked, and use a needle to clean up foreign objects;
Take out the air spray gun at least once a week to check the atomization, and observe whether there are sintering, damage, blockage and other phenomena that affect the atomization effect!
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