How to grasp the distance between the paint spray gun and the product?

May 24,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
When using a paint spray gun, we all know that the distance between us and the sprayed product is generally maintained according to the performance of the spray gun. In fact, the most important principle is to know which distance is the best atomization state of a spray gun, so that the best distance between our spray gun and the sprayed product can be selected according to this distance and point.
The position selection of the automatic spray gun is the same as that of the manual spray gun, but the distance of the automatic spray gun should be more accurate. The range of the general spray gun is 150-200MM such distance. If you use a spray gun with better atomization, it can be slightly larger by 200-250MM.
Then the distance is generally needed to be well grasped in order to exert the best spraying state of the spray gun. At the same time, it is also necessary to control the angle of the spray gun and the product to be kept at about 90 degrees, so that the best possible spray effect can be achieved.
Paint Guns use the grounded object as the positive electrode, the paint atomizing device as the negative electrode, and the paint atomizing device is charged with a high negative voltage, and an electrostatic field is formed between the two electrodes, so that the atomized paint particles are negatively charged, so that the paint can be negatively charged. The method of being effectively attracted to the surface of the opposite electrode is called electrostatic coating. So why use the object to be coated as the positive electrode and the paint atomizing device as the negative electrode? On the contrary, it is difficult and unsafe to transfer to spark discharge.
In order to implement electrostatic painting, the grounding of the coated object is an important and necessary condition, and the coated object must be a good electrical conductor. Wood is generally regarded as a poor electrical conductor, but when the moisture content of wood is 8% or more, electrostatic painting can be performed, and it has also been confirmed empirically.
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