What are the key features and components of a contact adhesive gun?

Jul 03,2023 / BY DEVELOPERS
Here are some common features and components you may find in contact adhesive spray guns:
Spray Nozzle: The spray nozzle is a crucial component that determines the spray pattern and coverage area of the adhesive. It can be adjustable, allowing for different spray patterns such as fan, round, or flat.
Trigger: The trigger is used to control the flow of adhesive from the spray gun. It allows the operator to start and stop the adhesive application as needed.
Pressure Regulator: Some contact adhesive spray guns have a pressure regulator that allows you to adjust the pressure at which the adhesive is sprayed. This helps in achieving the desired spray pattern and consistency.
Air Compressor Connection: Contact adhesive spray guns typically require an air compressor to provide the necessary air pressure for spraying the adhesive. They feature an air hose connection to attach to the air compressor.
Fluid Container: The fluid container holds the adhesive that is being sprayed. It can be a removable cup or a built-in reservoir, depending on the design of the spray gun.
Filter: Many contact adhesive spray guns have a built-in filter to prevent debris or contaminants from entering the spray nozzle and affecting the spray pattern or clogging the gun.
Air Cap: The air cap is located at the front of the spray gun and helps to shape and control the airflow as the adhesive is sprayed. It can influence the spray pattern and atomization of the adhesive.
Trigger Lock: Some spray guns may have a trigger lock feature that allows the operator to lock the trigger in a continuous spray position, reducing hand fatigue during extended use.
Material Compatibility: Contact adhesive spray guns are designed to be compatible with specific types of adhesives. They may have components made from materials that can withstand the chemical properties of the adhesive being used.
It's important to note that the specific features and components can vary between different models and brands of contact adhesive spray guns. It is recommended to refer to the China Contact Adhesive Spray Gun Manufacturers documentation or product specifications for detailed information on the features and components of a specific spray gun model.

Nozzle model:4001, 6501, 8002, 9501, round
Feeding method:pressure type
Feeding connector:1/4-18NPSM
Maximum working pressure:80bar
Body color:silver (customizable)
Length of spray gun extension tube:240mm, 450mm, 600mm, 800mm